Our research focus is on prediction and control of complex systems, whose dynamics are hard to describe, predict or control. In particular, we are interested in control theory, game theory and reinforcement learning, on the theory side, and their applications to aerospace, automotive and robotics fields, on the engineering side. 

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Please have a look at our research projects/publications and if you are interested, please send a short email to Yildiray Yildiz (yyildiz@bilkent.edu.tr) describing your research interests together with your CV. Undergraduates are also welcome. If you are a good programmer, please indicate that in your email (this is NOT a requirement). 

OPEN POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS: We seek candidates with strong programming skills together with an interest in reinforcement learning and game theory. We are particularly interested in candidates who can apply his/her computer skills on solving problems in prediction of the behavior of complex dynamical systems. Please contact Yildiray Yildiz (yyildiz@bilkent.edu.tr) if you are interested.


Our paper, "High-Performance Adaptive Pressure Control in the Presence of Time-Delays (Pressure Control for Use in Variable-Thrust Rocket Development," has been conditionally accepted for publication at IEEE Control Systems Magazine.  8 February 2018

Our paper, "
Game Theoretic Modeling of Vehicle Interactions 
at Unsignalized Intersections and Application to Autonomous 
Vehicle Control
been accepted for presentation at, and publication in the 
proceedings of, the 2018 American Control Conference, to be 
held in Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, USA.                    21 January 2018

Yildiray Yildiz attended TÜBA Young Scientist Award Ceremony at the Presidential Complex to receive his award. 12 December 2017

Yildiray Yildiz receives Turkish Science Academy (TÜBA) Young Scientist Award (GEBİP). 21 November 2017

Our paper, "Transient Performance Improvement and Experimental Verification of Human-in-the-Loop Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC)," is accepted for presentation at the 2018 AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, Florida, USA. 26 July 2017

Our lab member Negin Musavi has defended her master thesis successfully. Congrats Negin! Negin will be continuing her studies at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, as a PhD student. 2 August 2017   

Our paper, "Game-Theoretic Modeling of Driver and Vehicle Interactions for Verification and Validation of Autonomous Vehicle Control Systems," is now
online at IEEE Xplore. 30 July 2017

Yildiray Yildiz is elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. It is stated by the IEEE President Karen Bartleson that "only 10% of the IEEE members hold this grade, which requires extensive experience, and reflects professional maturity and documented achievements of significance". 14 July 2017