Our research focus is on prediction and control of complex systems, whose dynamics are hard to describe, predict or control. In particular, we are interested in control theory, game theory and reinforcement learning, on the theory side, and their applications to aerospace, automotive and robotics fields, on the engineering side. 

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Please have a look at our research projects/publications and if you are interested, please send a short email to Yildiray Yildiz (yyildiz@bilkent.edu.tr) describing your research interests together with your CV. Undergraduates are also welcome. If you are a good programmer, please indicate that in your email (this is NOT a requirement). 

OPEN POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS: We seek candidates with strong programming skills together with an interest in reinforcement learning and game theory. We are particularly interested in candidates who can apply his/her computer skills on solving problems in prediction of the behavior of complex dynamical systems. Please contact Yildiray Yildiz (yyildiz@bilkent.edu.tr) if you are interested.


Our paper, "Game-Theoretic Modeling of Driver and Vehicle Interactions for Verification and Validation of Autonomous Vehicle Control Systems," is accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.          16 June 2017

Our lab member Shahab Tohidi passed his PhD qualifying exams, both written and oral. He is now officially a PhD candidate. Congratulations Shahab!             
12 June 2017

Our paper, "Effects Of Linear Filter On Stability And Performance Of Human-in-the-Loop Model Reference Adaptive Control Architecture," is accepted for oral presentation and publication in the Proceedings of the 2017 ASME Dynamic Systems and Controls Conference, to be held in Tysons Corner, Virginia.               
5 June 2017

Our paper, "Stability Limit of Human-in-the-Loop Model Reference Adaptive Control Architectures," is accepted for publication at International Journal of Control. 29 May 2017

Our 2 papers, "Adaptive Pressure Control Experiment: Controller Design and Implementation" and "The Effect of Remote-Signal Feedback Architecture on the Stability of Human-in-the-Loop Telerobotics in the Presence of Time-Delays" are accepted for presentation at the 2017 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications that will take place in Kohala Coast, Hawai, USA. 12 May 2017